Jesus Pastor was born in Spain and has been based in Berlin since 2010.

«I truly believe that everybody needs to live each moment as if it were the last».

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I do not know the photographer Jesús Pastor from Soria personally. I have references of him by common friends, as our dear Anna Turbau and Lorenzo Soler. But since I started to see his work, I find in it something that subjugates. Not only the power of attraction of its contents, its boldness, its strength, but also the exquisite format, the perspective he chooses as a narrator of reality, those black and whites so hard and full of meaning. At thirty-five years old, he has managed to make his own place in the difficult world of art, beyond the limits of Soria’s geography. A place of his own means to be perceived in the personal path of a style, of a look, of a way of seeing reality and a treatment of photography of mastery of the craft, of polished technique and of something else, which is not always easy to explain. For, as John Barth said in his «Dunyazadiad», both storytelling and lovemaking require something more than technical mastery, but the only thing debatable with objective and even academic criteria is that technical mastery. Is it not the same with art and, therefore, with photography?. Jesús Pastor will not be afraid of the theoretical questioning of his technique, but neither will he be afraid of that something more that all creation demands, for he is surely aware that photography, like love, risks everything in signs. And his signs appear defined, full of designation, full of emotional depth and even of aesthetic scandal; I don’t know if they are also moral, to contradict (why not?). Leonardo himself, who held the maxim that where there is scandal there is no true knowledge. Jesús Pastor has it in his gaze on the sensible world and knows how to pass it on to the world of ideas, as a follower of Plato would say.  Art, technique and experience, is what I perceive, as a mere spectator, interested in things well done, in the work of Jesús Pastor. He knows the trade, it is evident, since, not in vain, he has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, but there is in his work something more than the result of a degree. In addition, before writing these lines, I have found out that he is an intermultidisciplinary man on the path of creation. Enter the electronic magazine «». It reads: «I have always been fascinated by the stories found in the corners of this apparent daily normality». Jesús Pastor says so. Enter to read the article about the undertaker.

Silvano Andrés de la Morena. Heraldo de Soria.