I have photographed the things I felt around me and inside me since I was 13 years old, searching for my identity. So I keep asking myself the same questions, knowing that there is more hidden than visible. Always surprised by the unpredictable. The search for stories has taken me to 12 countries and 3 continents. For me, photography is a way to approach transcendence. It means an approach to others. Each photograph functions as a self-portrait, because it shows my passage through the world. It forces me to position myself. To go beyond the limits of my memories. It allows me to know and to know myself.


» I truly believe that everyone needs to live every moment as if it were the last.»




2023 Art Salon K38 at Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin, DE.
2020 FSK18 at Evelyn Drewes Gallery, Hamburg, DE
2018 25H Hotel Hafencity. 7Star Gallery, Hamburg, DE / Babette, Berlin, DE
2017 Nonnen, Totengräber. Capitis Gallery, Berlin, DE / Die Landschaft in uns. Seven Star Gallery, Berlin, DE / Borchardt, Berlin, DE
2015 Bread&Butter, Berlin, DE / Huckleberry. Konzulat, Berlin, DE / Matador. Anniversary Seven-Star Gallery, Berlin, DE
2013 Macht Kunst Art. Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, DE / Gangs of Berlin Gallery, Berlin, DE
2011 Spanish Bullfighting the Photo Browse Festival, DE / Madrid DeArte Palacio de Congresos Castellana, SP
2009 Mujer y Silencio. Caja Duero, Gaya Nuño, SP / Toro, Bullring Gallery, Ayto. Soria, SP
2008 PhotoEspaña Descubrimientos’08 Madrid, SP / Expo´98 Zaragoza Gallery, SP
2005 Arco Romano Gallery. Medinaceli. Soria, SP
1997 El Corrillo. Illustration. Salamanca, SP / Art Gallery. Painting. Revelada. Salamanca, SP / Art Gallery. Painting. Revelada. Salamanca, SP




Throughout 30 years I have received more than 115 awards and nominations in national and international competitions, in photography, graphic design, painting, poetry and short novel. In 2008 I received the Gervasio Sánchez International Photojournalism scholarship.




Der Spiegel Wissen, Vice, Séparée, Die Welt, Business Punk Magazinne Kwerfuldein Magazine, Schwarzweiss magazine, Brennpunkt Magazine, Soho House Berlin, La Vanguardia Magazine, El País Semanal EP3.




Bachelor’s Degree Fine Arts/Painting, Salamanca University, SP
Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology. Salamanca University, SP
Workshop Personal Transformation Awakening & Meditation. Led by Master Dhyan Vimal. Berlin, DE
Workshop Atma Rahasya Yoga. Inner Intelligence & Natural Healing Power. Led by Master Dhyan Vimal. Berlin, DE