006B_STORIES(Elizabeth Ehrlich)

«Do Your Pictures Tell a Story?»

Workshop Personal Identity Photo-Documentary Work
Berlin-Mallorca 2023

International Workshop in English language

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The Power of Storytelling Through Photography. Everybody loves listening to stories. From childhood into adulthood, we retain this desire for visual imagery. A photographic story can change the way viewers think, feel and act. Telling our stories creates empathy and takes us to new places. Photographic storytelling is the art of conveying stories, ideas and viewpoints through the medium of photography. In case of a series of photographs, images are ordered in a specific way with the aim of affecting the viewer’s emotions and intellect. As a teacher of Art and Educational Psychology, I work through photography, trauma release and personal empowerment. I guide students to connect with their true feelings and inner nature to develop their emotional intelligence skills and get to build a personal photography project, an intimate map that defines our personality. I believe in the transformative power of photography as a healing element to achieve balance within ourselves.
It is fulfilling to be able to inspire through the universe of photography, so that everyone can recognize and unblock their own fears that prevent them from walking freely and reaching their personal balance. Make your life more present. Listen to your true self. When we transcribe our thoughts through images, we become aware of the processes through which we travel, we connect with our own identity and we have the power to transform difficult experiences into pleasant ones. I will help you decode the labyrinth of your insecurities and guide you to the place where you will learn to channel your energy towards creativity. Through the language of photography, we will create a nourishing experience that allows us to explore towards an honest emotional relationship with ourselves and others.


Join my next Workshop where we will explore, through photographic language, deeper levels of ourselves.



 Who is aimed at?

  • We invite you to discover how photography can be a powerful tool for introspection, transformation, self-awareness in the search for their own identity, through personal photo projects.

What will you learn?

  • Connect more deeply with your senses and intuition through photography.
  • Allow you to express yourself with authenticity and listen deeply to your emotions, fears and desires.
  • New documentary portrait

Price: 175€

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